You are well with De Grave-Antverpia

De Grave-Antverpia devotes great importance to a relationship of trust with its customers, subcontractors and skippers.

We have clear and simple principles. The result?  We have been working together with the same ships for years. The band with our skippers is solid. Are you looking for a job as a skipper?  With De Grave-Antverpia you will do well.

Your benefits

You will immediately get your money transferred to your account.

The law on the River chartering (5.5.1936) gives the skipper the right to claim payment of his freight, if he hands over his signed bill of lading. In the past a skipper would come to our offices and was paid in cash. That's why we kept a large amount of cash in a safe. That is how we met our obligations.
Today, most skippers do not have enough time to come and hand over their documents at the office. However, the legislation has not changed: If a skipper delivers us a signed bill of lading (personal or by mail) De Grave-Antverpia will arrange his payment immediately. Our motto: 'When it comes to money, De Grave-Antverpia is good for it. '


There is always work for you

De Grave-Antverpia is a well-known name in inland navigation. We rely on years of loyal collaboration with the largest companies in the industry. They provide a continuous flow of assignments: In the Rhine, the interior, the north-south traffic, on the Belgian rivers, in Wallonia and in the direction of France.

With De Grave-Antverpia you are always underway. In addition, you receive clear, complete and transparent information.



We give you our trust

De Grave-Antverpia works together with blue chip companies. Our clients expect optimal service guarantees and maximum reliability. That's why we work together with the best skippers. Are you honest and professional? Then we will work together very well. We give you our trust.



A given word is a word

At De Grave-Antverpia we keep our promises. Our motto? Good agreements make good partners. It is impossible to have all unforeseen circumstances registered on paper. That is why a given verbal agreement is so important to us. Our employees know that we should never break a promise. That is our strength. Our word is good for it.



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