Chartering Tournai

Our main activities in Tournai are :

  • Chartering per voyage, by lease or on long term contract
  • Handling all transport on the West European waterways
  • Pre- and post shipment handling of cargo
  • specialized in transporing out-sized cargo and break-bulk projects
  • All logisitics services

Large and loyal customers count on our expertise every day

The Tournai region is mainly known for its limestone mining in various quarries in the area. Consequently some of our major customers are local quarries.
The river Scheldt is the ideal connection to transport the vast amounts of limestone.

There are many construction companies in the region of the northern French town of Valenciennes. They often demand transports of indivisible pieces via the Scheldt towards Antwerp and Rotterdam. Our office in Tournai is ideally located.

The connection of the Scheldt with the project Seine Nord is a big opportunity for the Hainaut region. Especially since in the future traffic of larger ships between different locations in the Benelux and northern France becomes possible.



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Henri Dufour
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