Welcome to De Grave-Antverpia!

When one thinks of inland navigation in Belgium, the name and colours of De Grave-Antverpia inevitably spring to mind. Our company is proud to descend from companies with a long family tradition and an excellent reputation in inland waterways shipping and has always tried to live up to that reputation.

Thanks to the vast know-how of products and infrastructure, the professional knowledge and dedication of our staff, we can match the industry needs with those of the operators and vessel owners and incorporate them in a client-oriented marketing strategy.

We transport about 12 million tons a year on the European inland waterways, mainly dry bulk cargo, primarily for the Belgian industry but also for important foreign clients. We have a versatile fleet of about 250.000 tons at our disposal (owned vessels and long term chartered capacity).

For every cargo and for every route, we can offer the most suitable vessel in accordance with our client’s wishes. Every day, we transport numerous shiploads to a widespread range of destinations in Europe.

This is how, during the past 65 years, De Grave - Antverpia N.V. has grown from a modest company to one of the most important inland navigation companies in Belgium.

This site gives you an overview of the activities of our team and our company.