Chartering Tournai

In January 2008 our company was expanded through the opening of a new office in Tournai. A highly motivated and experienced team is now at your disposal in the Hainaut region (the South-west of Belgium).

Our main activities :

  • Chartering per voyage, by lease or on long term contract
  • Handling all transport on the West European waterways
  • Pre– and postshipment handling of cargo
  • specialized in transporting out-sized cargo and break-bulk projects
  • All logistic services

The Tournai region is mainly known for its limestone mining in various quarries in the area. Consequently some of our major customers are local mining companies.

Near Valenciennes, in the north French region Nord-Pas-de-Calais, there is an important metalworking industry, that often demands transports of out-sized and heavy cargo via the river Scheldt to Antwerp and Rotterdam.

The Seine-Nord Europe Canal is a high capacity canal currently in development, with construction set to begin in 2010. It is projected to begin from the Oise River at Janville, Oise, north of Compiègne, to the Dunkirk-Escaut Canal, east of Arleux. The net effect will be to considerably expand trade flows in a fuel-efficient and ecologically friendly manner while connecting to surrounding northern European countries such as Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. It will pose a huge economic opportunity to the region and, of course, to our office.


Our employees at office Tournai are at your service !
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Gwendolina Royat phone : +32 69 66 94 34 e-mail
Henri Dufour phone : +32 69 66 94 31 e-mail