Cementtankers Liège

De Grave-Antverpia owns two independently discharging cement tankers : the MTS “Cavirena” and the MTS “Wouter”.

These two vessels sail under Belgian flag and are certified to sail on all European inland waterways (Rhine certificate).

MTS Cavirena:

GT : 328 tons

Capacity : ± 250 tons

Classification : Euroclass + Rhine certificate

MTS Wouter : 47 m

In 1996 the MTS “Janvier” was heavily damaged and sank.  A new hull was bought and the tanks of the MTS “Janvier” were built into the new vessel in collaboration with Wijgula and the shipyard of Tiem in Druten. The new vessel was baptized as “Wouter”.

GT : 383 tons

Capacity : ± 300 tons

Classification : Euroclass + Rhine certificate


Our activities :

  • Transport of cement and other granulated cargo (also by chartered vessels)
  • Study and preparation of the technical and financial operation of vessels

Contact :

Thierry Chatelain is at your service !

You can reach him by phone  +32 4 256 50 52 and by fax +32 4 240 06 23 
or you can send him an e-mail.