Business Information

All three of our offices are licenced by the Belgian Ministry for Mobility and Transport to act as transportcommissionar and transportbroker in accordance with the Belgian Law of 26 June 1967 and the RA of 18 July 1975 regarding these licences.

In January 2005 De Grave-Antverpia obtained the ISO 9001:2008 certificate for its quality management system for the transport of goods and providing of logistic services on the inland waterways. You'll find a copy of this certificate here.

In order to be able to transport your non-hazardous waste material, we are registered as transporter of waste in Flanders with OVAM, with number 9563/R/7184, in Wallonia with the Office Wallon des Déchêts with number 2010-05-11-03 and in the Netherlands with NIWO, Stichting Nationale en Internationale Wegvervoerorganisatie with number BU510177VXXX.   For the licence certificates, please check the respective numbers.

Furthermore, we have the necessary FCA-certificates for the chartering of foodstuff and animal feed, with number 04-300.1


For all our transports we refer to our general conditions , in as far as they do not conflict with the specific conditions agreed upon with our clients.